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Knights of Columbus

Blessed Scalabrini Council 16257
Our Lady of Fatima Portuguese Parish Parish
1423 East 13th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5N 2B5
Grand Knight Giuseppe Romano
[email protected]


Founded on the principles of charity, unity and fraternity, the Knights of Columbus was established in 1882 by Father Michael J. McGivney, assistant pastor of St. Mary's Church in New Haven, Connecticut, USA and a group of parishioners. Their intent? To bring financial aid and assistance to the sick, disabled and needy members and their families.

Father Michael McGivney has been beatified on October 31, 2020, to Blessed Michael McGivney - the final step to sainthood. 

Father Michael McGivney: An American Blessed

This documentary explores the life, legacy and impact of Fr. Michael McGivney, the founder of the Knights of Columbus and apostle of spiritual brotherhood and unity.

THE KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS ARE Catholic men of faith and charitable action. Membership in the Knights of Columbus provides an association with brother companions and varied insurance options to those families in need. Under the order of the Knights of Columbus today, four pillars cement its very foundation: Charity. Unity. Fraternity. Patriotism. It offers the opportunity for fellowship with those of the same belief who recognize the same duty to God, to family and neighbour, and who stand with those who share those beliefs. Programs and initiatives are organized to appeal to the individual interests of the member and to enable them to render service to their church, their country and their fellow man. Times of prayer and devotion are also part of the Knight's charism, helping brothers to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus and their families. The reward; to be better husbands, fathers, sons, neighbours and Catholics in the act of faith to their communities and charities across the world.  

This is the path. The journey.

The Blessed Scalabrini Council of Our Lady of Fatima Portuguese Parish, Vancouver; established on June 28, 2015, are always looking for more extraordinary Catholic men of our parish community who are 18 years and older and in good standing with our parish to express their gifted talents and their sense of belonging to serve in faith under the charitable order of the Knights of Columbus. With the rich traditional Portuguese and renowned Brazilian cultures celebrated in this parish, this council fosters particular initiatives and assistance to its annual traditions – keeping its heritage alive and well in the spirit of unification and openness in our community.

To join, please contact our Grand Knight or speak to any member of the Knights of Columbus in our parish.

For more information, please visit:

Knights of Columbus or the BC and Yukon State Council

December 2020

Solidarity Crosses - Donations for the Christian Refugee Relief Fund

Christian Refugee Relief Brochure

A Symbol of Suffering, Unity and Hope

Christians are at risk in areas all around the world. The Knights of Columbus have responded and created the Christian Refugee Relief Fund, which provides humanitarian assistance, primarily in Iraq, Syria and the surrounding region. To spread awareness and raise funds to help these Christians and those in their care, the Knights are selling Solidarity Crosses through donations to the Christian Refugee Relief Fund. These are now available for purchase at the parish office during weekday business hours for $10.00 (while supplies last). To find out more, please visit or click the DONATE button below to make a direct cash donation. In advance, we thank you for your kind generosity in helping at-risk Christians around the world.


November 2020

Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest


In regular communication with our PREP Coordinators in proceeding with this initiative through the COVID-19 pandemic, we regret to inform you that this year’s Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest has been deemed cancelled as of December 19, 2020. The dates that were associated with this initiative starting November 21, 2020 - December 12, 2020, and the certificates and awards to be issued on January 9, 2021, have been strained since the latest provincial health orders were implemented on November 19, 2020, and continuing on into January 2021 upon further review. We have asked our young artists to hold on to their ideas until next year as this initiative is planning on a return in November 2021 - open to all children of our parish.

The Knights of Columbus offer a number of programs dedicated to bringing back the true spirit of Christmas and to reminding families in our communities that the season is about more than Santa Claus and presents. 

In an effort to keep Christ in Christmas, we must incorporate celebrations and engage in dialogue that honour the birth of Jesus. Jesus Christ is the greatest gift to mankind, as he was brought here on earth as our Savior, to redeem us from our sinful ways by reinforcing the idea that Christmas is not the commercial holiday portrayed on TV. It is the ultimate celebration of Advent and the Holy Family during this special time of year on enduring Hope, Love, Joy and Peace.

Food and Necessary Items Drive 

As mass is temporarily suspended due to COVID-19 health orders, donating items to this initiative is still possible for those who come to church for private prayer and confessions.

Sunday, November 15 - Sunday, December 13, 2020

The Knights of Columbus are collecting canned, dry and packaged foods (pasta, sauces, rice, tuna cans) and necessary items (shampoo, bar soap, brushes/combs, sanitary products, toothpaste/toothbrushes) for the Catholic Charity The Door is Open to help those with less or none. Please place your items in the boxes located at the entrance of the church.  

If you wish to make a direct cash donation to The Door is Open on behalf of the Knights of Columbus Blessed Scalabrini, please click the DONATE button below. Thank you for your kind generosity.


October 2020

Frontline Workers Mass

Photo Courtesy from The Globe and Mail of St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver

This special co-joined mass set by Our Lady of Fatima and the Knights of Columbus will be celebrated with a blessing to the Frontline Workers of our parish community, specifically to those in various medical fields in their efforts to prepare and keep us safe during this COVID-19 pandemic. We invite family and friends of our parish community whom we personally know amongst our combined circles that work in these various medical fields such as doctors, nurses, paramedics etc.  Law enforcement, firefighters, grocery clerks and any position deemed essential at the start of this pandemic are most certainly welcome and invited to attend for this special blessing.  

Please register at the parish office. COVID-19 restrictions apply.

September 2020

KOC 59th Annual Charity Appeal 

For the safety and support of our ticket buyers, this year we have moved from the traditional hand ticket sales to online ticket sales in lieu of the COVID-19 pandemic social distancing and limited contact protocols.

The proceeds of your ticket purchase go to Food for Families, Global Wheelchair Mission, Coats for Kids, Special Olympics, Ultrasound, Pregnancy Centre Support, Students (Bursaries), Seminarians, BC Children’s Hospital, Royal Columbia Hospital, St. Paul’s Hospital and many more! Meanwhile, you have the opportunity to win various all-cash prizes.

Here's what you need to do:

1.  Click the link

2.  Click the Buy Tickets Now button.

3.  Follow the 4 simple purchasing steps.

4. In Step 2, under the Organization drop menu; select 16257 Blessed Scalabrini to accredit the Knights of Columbus of our parish for your ticket purchase.

5.  Good Luck!

September Food Donations for Our Parish Families in Need

Under the leadership of our Worthy Chaplain, Father Rosemond, the Parish and the Knights of Columbus are asking for canned, dry and packaged foods to donate to our parish families in need.  A box will be placed at the entrance to the church throughout the month of September. Weekly, Father Rosemond and the Knights will donate these generous donations to families in need within our parish.  Charity is one of the main pillars of our faith, and together with your help, we can give to those parishioners who are struggling to feed their children, the elderly and their families.  In advance of your generosity, we thank you for your support and donations.